In addition to his internal roles running the company, Brian oversees and leads idea generation, brand development strategy, and instruction. Be it a corporate or not-for-profit setting, Brian asks the right questions that lead to the best brand-building solutions.

Ray is the CEO of Bark Communications, focusing his efforts on building culture, creativity, strategic partnerships, and innovative technology solutions.

As the leader of Bark’s technological needs, Steve is responsible for taking the lead on information security and technology. He spends the lion's share of his time researching, developing, and implementing technology strategies and software architecture.

Hugh’s primary task is to translate the initial ideas and strategies for a project into the tangible designed pieces that the end user interacts with.

At Bark, Linda is our Director of Client Services, but that doesn’t come close to describing all her skills. Besides having client responsibility, Linda is the go-to person when buying media or needing to get something produced.

As the VP of User Experience, Mike primarily oversees the experience our clients have while using our BarkBuilder web platform. From ensuring our messaging is consistent and awesome, to making sure our clients and partners have a great experience, Mike's passion for providing exceptional service is his primary driving force.

Ryan brings her expertise in social media marketing to create and execute effective digital communications strategies for Radiant and for our clients. Her background in production and design allows her to turn strategic ideas into compelling creative storytelling pieces.

With over twenty-five years’ experience helping organizations reach their goals through strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, and communications, Tom loves coming alongside leaders and their teams to make ideas tangible.

Carolyn is the Director of Finance at Bark (we never get on her bad side!) and also supports the team with her strong skill-set in writing and communications.