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    Over the last few decades, we have strategically positioned our company as a creative agency that produces world-class design, communications strategies and technology platforms.

    Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

    Coming Alongside the Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors and NBA

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    At a Glance Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), home of the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and the Toronto Raptors (NBA), is one of the largest sports franchises in the world. Bark assisted in establishing secure online initiatives for the Maple Leafs Hockey School and Raptors Basketball Academy. The NBA then partnered with MLSE to develop
    At a Glance Dietitians of Canada is one of the largest organizations of dietetic professionals in the world, representing almost 6,000 members. They chose Bark to spearhead the redesign of their brand. We created and implemented the new brand identity across the organization. From redesigning their website and creating a mobile app to guiding
    At a Glance Sandy Cove is an all-inclusive, year-round retreat center located on the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay in North East, Maryland. Sandy Cove looked to Radiant (Bark's charitable division) to solve several very complex problems that required a unique approach to navigate. Attendance was down, and innovative solutions were lacking.

    Bayer ES

    Establishing a Leading Brand for Golf Course and Greenhouse Care

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    At a Glance Bayer ES manufactures plant care products for the golf course and greenhouse industries. We were brought on to help establish Bayer ES as an industry leader and grow its market share. Our strategy involved positioning the company as the top educational source for all things “turf and greenhouse.” Throughout the 13+ years

    Compassion Canada

    Engaging Donors Through Iterative Design and UX

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    At a Glance Compassion is one of the world’s leading child development organizations. They have successfully revolutionized the fight against global poverty through partnership with the local church. Radiant (Bark's charitable division) was hired to re-imagine their primary donor system, My Compassion, and help solve the challenge of

    Soil For Life

    Advancing the Conversation Around Soil Health and Sustainability

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    At a Glance When the Business Development Centre at the University of Guelph - Ridgetown Campus needed a marketing and communications plan for its new soil initiative, we had the privilege to provide them with a comprehensive strategy, logo design and the initial pieces designed to increase soil health knowledge in Ontario and encourage the

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    In the world of consumer electronics, describing something as “revolutionary” and “magical" sounds like hype, marketing bluster. But those were the words Steve Jobs used to describe the iPhone in January 2007, six months before the device first went on sale.

    More than sixteen years after the iPhone’s release, intuition continues to be a strategic advantage. In a world where everything seems to be a click or swipe away, it’s easy to think technology has all the answers. But there’s still no app for intuiting how your product or service will enhance the lives of your customers.

    Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience, promote products or services and drive engagement. However, with inboxes flooded daily, it's essential to follow best practices to ensure your emails stand out and achieve your desired outcomes. In this blog post, we'll explore some key email marketing best