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    For three decades, leading organizations have relied on our expertise to deliver world-class UX, innovative communications strategies, and advanced technology platforms.

    Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

    Coming Alongside the Toronto Maple Leafs, Raptors and NBA

    custom erp website arts & entertainment camps & conference
    At a Glance Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), home of the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL) and the Toronto Raptors (NBA), is one of the largest sports franchises in the world. Bark assisted in establishing secure online initiatives for the Maple Leafs Hockey School and Raptors Basketball Academy. The NBA then partnered with MLSE to develop
    At a Glance Dietitians of Canada is one of the largest organizations of dietetic professionals in the world, representing almost 6,000 members. They chose Bark to spearhead the redesign of their brand. We created and implemented the new brand identity across the organization. From redesigning their website and creating a mobile app to guiding

    Classic Fire + Life Safety

    Using Creative Content to Support Innovative Products and Services

    copyrighting photography print media social media video website safety & security
    At a Glance Classic Fire + Life Safety is an industry-leading fire protection and life safety organization that works to keep people, properties, and investments safe from fire. We successfully championed their compelling brand story about people helping people through building a stunning, story-first, fully responsive website and content

    Suzuki Canada

    Innovative Media Builder Enables Dealers to Create Their Own Custom Ads

    custom erp print media innovation
    At a Glance Suzuki has been paving the road of innovation and advancement for decades. We partnered with Suzuki Canada on a series of projects that resulted in a cohesive marketing and design solution for individual Suzuki dealerships. Powered by Bark's custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Suzuki dealers were able to build custom
    At a Glance ChiroMedia is a digital signage network we developed for chiropractors that inspired the creation of our products Bark DS and Radiant Digital Church. Our client came to us with a mission to help other chiropractors grow and sustain their practices through an online community and the creation of an intelligent digital signage

    Bayer ES

    Establishing a Leading Brand for Golf Course and Greenhouse Care

    copyrighting direct mail photography print media social media strategy development website agriculture
    At a Glance Bayer ES manufactures plant care products for the golf course and greenhouse industries. We were brought on to help establish Bayer ES as an industry leader and grow its market share. Our strategy involved positioning the company as the top educational source for all things “turf and greenhouse.” Throughout the 13+ years

    The Press Box

    Come hang out in the Press Box, where we share thoughts on innovation, brand strategy, client insights, and our latest SAAS projects.

    Helping our clients move away from the all-too-common practice of self-diagnosing their own marketing and communications problems often leads to brand breakthroughs that propel their organizations forward.  In our experience, it’s really hard to read the label from inside the bottle. While you may have important insights about the state of your brand, problems get solved when businesses welcome objective input from experts who care about helping them.

    In today's competitive business environment, understanding whether your company is sales-strong or marketing-strong is crucial. If your company leans more on sales than it does marketing, or vice versa, you’ll get no shade from us. It’s not uncommon for there to be a natural bent towards one or the other. The most important thing is knowing which strength you and your team tend to rely on so that you can pursue greater balance.

    Both in our agency and our partnerships with clients, it is, and always has been, a pleasure to work with amazing people.

    One such client is Salus Mutual, a company who not only understands the value of high-quality brand work, but is passionately committed to going the extra mile. With empathy and professionalism, they’re there for their neighbors when the unexpected happens.

    In the world of consumer electronics, describing something as “revolutionary” and “magical" sounds like hype, marketing bluster. But those were the words Steve Jobs used to describe the iPhone in January 2007, six months before the device first went on sale.

    More than sixteen years after the iPhone’s release, intuition continues to be a strategic advantage. In a world where everything seems to be a click or swipe away, it’s easy to think technology has all the answers. But there’s still no app for intuiting how your product or service will enhance the lives of your customers.