Both in our agency and our partnerships with clients, it is, and always has been, a pleasure to work with amazing people.

One such client is Salus Mutual, a company who not only understands the value of high-quality brand work, but is passionately committed to going the extra mile. With empathy and professionalism, they’re there for their neighbors when the unexpected happens.

As with many of our clients, they invited us into the process of creatively reflecting for them, in word and design, the very nature of their brand. But this wasn’t a traditional brand development project, or a rebrand. It was an opportunity to establish an entirely new brand for a company that was just taking shape, as Howard Mutual and West Elgin Mutual came together to form what would eventually become Salus Mutual.

We walked through a comprehensive brand definition process, followed by a name selection process, and onto design for both their logo and all promotional pieces. While we were very happy with the outcome, that really doesn’t matter if our client isn’t happy.

Here’s what Jodi Rich, President and CEO of Salus Mutual, had to say about the entire experience:

“Bark Communications was with us every step of the way during our amalgamation. Their guidance, expertise and professionalism in the process of leading us in deciding the new company name, logo and colours was exceptional. They helped us to realize how we wanted our name recognized by our policyholders and community in the creation of our brand. Our website, another reflection of our company, was designed to reflect exactly who we are as a company. We are extremely happy to partner with Bark Communications.”

Today, we continue to collaborate with the amazing team at Salus. The ongoing development of their brand is certainly a priority — and it’s been fun to see it grow and evolve — but just as important is the opportunity to empower their local agents to help even more people take care of those difficult moments in life.

By unleashing their brand, we’ve been able to help Salus Mutual maximize its potential. If you’re interested in more examples of our brand work, go to our portfolio of past client work and click around. Additionally, feel free to drop us a line if you have questions regarding your next project.

Brian Klassen
Brian Klassen President

Brian has worked with many national and international advertising agencies spanning a number of market sectors, including agriculture, not-for-profits, associations, sports & entertainment, and finance.