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What if you could sell your product or service in five seconds? How great would that be? Recently, we’ve had a number of people walk into our offices trying to sell something. It’s ranged from printing services, to promotional products. At one point, the sales person wanted to trade food coupons to a local restaurant for my personal

Let me tell you something about yourself. If you're a person that says you hate social media, chances are, you don't. You don't hate Facebook. You don't hate Twitter. You don't hate LinkedIn. You don't hate Pinterest. You don't hate YouTube. What you hate, is how people use them.

Today, I want to engage the idea that there aren't really any new creative ideas out there. If that's the case, then whether it be music, painting, sculpture, or a design that represents a corporate brand identity, what is the meaning, and where is the value of creativity? Here's my attempt at an answering those questions.