Ever feel like Facebook's Business Manager is a bit of a headache? You're definitely not alone! We hear from our clients frequently that Facebook’s business management system stresses them out and leaves them feeling too overwhelmed to even get ads up and running. 

Clients often get stuck at some point in either the account-management process or the ad-creation process and come to us looking for answers as to what they are doing wrong. 

Now, please hear this: If you are a marketing professional who is afraid to admit that you haven’t figured out how to manage Facebook ads properly, you are not alone. This issue is way more common than you might think. With a platform like Meta that is ever-changing and growing, it’s easy to get lost.

Issues we have helped with in the past include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Being locked out of a Facebook business manager that was only accessible by an ex-employee
  • Not understanding the difference between ads manager and ad center and the world of confusion this mistake can create for a marketer
  • Having access to the business manager but not the proper ad accounts
  • Accidentally running ads through personal ad accounts, rather than the proper business ad accounts (because for some odd reason Facebook defaults campaign creation under personal ad accounts, instead of business ad accounts)
  • Dealing with an ad account that was set to use another country’s currency that Facebook will not allow you to change to the proper currency 
  • And there’s always a solution to these problems, but clients who aren’t used to troubleshooting on the platform are often not equipped to find the right solutions. We know how overwhelming it can be!

The Good News

We're here to help you untangle the knots in your business manager and ad accounts. If you feel stuck, we will take the time to walk through your issues and find a solution to whatever problem you may be facing together. And we will make sure you have the training and tools to continue to manage your business manager if you want to continue running your own ads. 

We also have the ability to link our Bark business manager to your business manager and actually take care of the ongoing work for you!

Ryan Johnston
Ryan Johnston Director, Digital Strategy

Ryan's background in production and design allows her to turn strategic ideas into compelling creative storytelling pieces.