At a Glance

The Edge Factor Show is a 3D stereoscopic series that showcases exciting and extreme manufacturing stories in the industrial world. We partnered with the showrunners to create the show’s brand and work to get viewers excited through PR and various marketing strategies. 

A significant success for The Edge Factor Show was the buzz created around their retelling of the heroic story of the 2010 Chilean mine rescue. The show told the story through the lens of “man and machine,” working together in a nearly-impossible mission to save 33 trapped miners — and audiences loved it. 

The Edge Factor Show continues to gain traction throughout the manufacturing industry for its innovative way of telling stories. You can follow along on their YouTube channel.

Our Contribution

  • Strategy development
  • Public relations
  • Social media
  • Logo
  • Style Guide
  • Ad designs
  • Website
  • Promotional materials